Rodrigues, Luís Miguel Figueiredo

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Research line: The Performativities and Aesthetics of Religion (PAR)

In 2000, he graduated in Theology by the Faculty of Theology of the Portuguese Catholic University in Braga. He received his Master's Degree in Theology from the Faculty of Theology "San Dámaso", Madrid, with a specialty in Catechetical Theology. In 2014, he completed his Master's Degree in Educational Sciences, with specialization in e-Learning Pedagogy, at Universidade Aberta in Lisbon. In 2016, he completed his doctorate in Theology, in the area of Practical Theology, at the Portuguese Catholic University, with a thesis titled "The digital in the service of faith. Teach for an opportunity".

Currently he is dedicated to the investigation and teaching of practical theology subjects, in the Faculty of Theology, of the Portuguese Catholic University. His research concerns the broad phenomenon of transmission, from the challenge that launch to the religions in general, but studied from the Christian perspective. Since the research in Practical Theology needs to know reality, to be able to reflect on it, it is dedicated also to reflect on the applicability of empirical research methods in the scope of theological reflection.

Another of the areas in which he focuses his research is in the didactics of teaching religion, focusing on digital resources for teaching and learning, especially informal.
The third preferential area unites, in a way, the previous two, which is the reflection on the formation of pastoral agents. In this area, in addition to reflective production, has also carried out some practical work.