Research line: Theology, Values and Social Dynamics (TVSD)

The feminine question is today one of the most relevant challenges for the Christian Churches, for the different religions and for society in general. In fact, even in democratic countries, legal equality for women is still far from translating into genuine social, professional, cultural, familiar and religious equality. The focus of this project is the role of religion in this situation and the question whether religious belief is an obstacle or emancipation factor for women. Our main objective will be to construct 'virtuous' modalities in order to address this issue in view of a more open and fruitful dialogue between the subjects involved. 

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CITER organized the international panel Women’s Diaconate. An open issue, with Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier sj

On 10.04.2019, the coordinators of the research project "Womens and Religions", Luísa Almendra and Teresa Bartolomei, organized an international panel entitled Women’s Diaconate. An open issue with Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier, sj, Members of the Papal Study Commission on the Women’s Diaconate. The panel was moderated by Luísa Almendra and António Marujo, and followed by the presentation of the Portuguese traduction (Paulinas Press) of Gary Macy, William T.Ditewig, Phyllis Zagano, Women Deacons: Past, Present, Future (Paulist Press 2012). Both events have attracted a great deal of media interest.

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Interview with Phyllis Zagano (Público, 13.04.2019; pp 16-17)

Interview with Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier (Ponto SJ)

Interview with Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier (Radio Renascença)

Interview with Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier (Ecclesia)

Interview with Luísa Almendra (Ecclesia) / Article on Pastoral da Cultura


Pre-publication of “Mulheres diáconos – Passado, presente, futuro” (Pastoral da Cultura)