Theology and Literature

6 ECTs / Semester / Português

Introduce the student to the dialogue between Theology and Literature in order to develop investigative skills and content to make him able to work in this research field. Dialogue with Literature is a privileged way to produce a contextual theology, as it penetrates the spirituality of a culture and society, from the literary anthropology contained in the work. There is a theological poetic way of thinking that is at the root of the theological tradition, and presents itself as an interlocutor of Literature, either as a form of reason for refusal, confessional or non-confessional resignification. The course aims to introduce the epistemological debate of the field, in order to avoid an ancillary relationship between the two areas of knowledge; develop literary analysis skills and theological hermeneutics skills of literary texts and present historical models of the dialogue between literary tradition and theological tradition.


Alex Villas Boas é natural do Brasil e, atualmente, é membro efetivo e investigador principal do Centro de Investigação em Teologia e Estudos de Religião…