4 ECTS / Semester / Português

1. Expose the four periods that trace the history of metaphysics, from its origins to contemporary times.

2. Explain the Aristotelian metaphysical project, debating its medieval consolidation and late scholasticism, which moved into the modern and contemporary world.

3. Explain the fundamental metaphysical concepts: being, entity, ens commune and ens primum, substance, accidents, categories, causality and analogy.

4. To circumscribe the Aristotelian metaphysical project and debate the status of the philosophia prôtê in relation to theologikê épistêmê in metaphysics: medieval, late scholasticism and modernity.

5. Discuss the onto-theological character of metaphysics and its scope.

6. Make a guided reading of «Being and essence» as a practical example of acquiring the contents of Metaphysics.

7. Display the assumptions of metaphysics and transcendental three ontological Principles.

8. Discuss the metaphysical legacy and open it to transcendence in the philosophical thought of all times.


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Faculdade de Ciências Humanas - UCP