The Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) aims to encourage students to think and learn across disciplines and to instill values and skills proper to the holistic goals of humanistic education.

By reaching beyond the scope of their specific degree courses, students are encouraged to unleash creativity and to develop the capabilities needed to pursue inspiring work and to strive to improve the condition of humanity.

Courses are tailored to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

Disciplines offered in English

Field of Study Semester Subject Study Cycle etcs
Biblical Studies 2nd Introduction to Bible. LCR 4
Theology Studies 2nd Faith and Theology. MIT 4.5
Biblical Studies 2nd Hebrew Culture. MIT 4
 Religion Studies 1st

Great World Religions.



The availability of the subjects will depend on a minimum number of enrollments.

The minimum attendance requirements in effect at the Catholic University of Portugal and its Faculty of Theology stipulate students attend two thirds of all classes given.

ECTS Grading System

The institutional grading system consists of a 0-20 point scale.

The minimum grade for success is 10.

18 to 20 - Excellent
16 to 17 - Very Good
14 to 15 - Good
10 to 13 - Satisfactory