Generic Bio

Theology, Values and Social Dynamics (TVSD)

He graduated in Theology (B.Th) in 2005 by the Faculty of Theology of the Portuguese Catholic University. In 2015, he obtained the canonical second degree by the same university with the thesis: Catechesis in a Context of Pastoral Gestation: Exploratory Study of an Emerging Model. He is currently developing a doctoral dissertation project in Practical Theology under the guidance of Professor Alfredo Teixeira, with the title Believing Identity and Life Trajectory: The Narrativity of Faith in Adult Catechesis Contexts.

He is interested in the broad phenomenon of the transmission of faith and the configurations which the Christian existence assumes in the present context. It seeks to follow the dynamics of the Catholic communities in the set of cultural dynamics, as well as to point out the place of religion in the construction of the social fabric.
In the interpretation of the social phenomenology of religious behavior, his research focuses on the history of life, seeking a dialogue between theology and the human sciences (anthropology, philosophy, sociology). He also develops part of his theological reflection in the catechetical studies. He teaches «Catechetics» in the pastoral year of the Greater Lisbon Seminary. He is director of the Lisbon Diocesan Secretariat for Catechesis and a parish priest.