Generic Bio

Research line: Theology, Values and Social Dynamics (TVSD)

Born on July 3rd, 1948 in Braga, Portugal. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Theology (2011-2018) and president of the Scientific Council of the same Faculty (1991-1996), and holds a PhD with a thesis on the "Humilhação e Exaltação do Servo em Is 52,13-53,12 e sua Interpretação no Judaísmo Antigo". He became Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Theology in 1986 and Associate Professor of the same Faculty in 1996. Since 2008, he has been Full Professor.

Since he became professor in the Faculty of Theology in 1985, he has taught the following curricular subjects: Hebrew, Biblical History and Geography, The Prophets, Hagiography, Writings of Saint John. He has been Rector of Macau Inter-University Institute (University of Saint Joseph) and Vice-Rector of the Catholic University of Portugal.