Generic Bio

Research line: The Performativities and Aesthetics of Religion (PAR)

Pedro Valinho Gomes is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium [2019-], where he obtained a canonical license in Theology [2020]. He is a fellow of the Sedes Sapientiae Foundation. Previously, he obtained a PhD in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Portugal [2011], specialising in Philosophy of Religion, and a license in Theology from the Catholic University of Portugal and the Catholic University of Eastern Africa [2005]. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Chair of Poetry and Transcendence Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen [UCP]. He is a researcher at the Institute Religions, Spiritualities, Cultures, Societies Research [UCL] and at the Research Centre for Theology and Religious Studies [UCP]. His current research studies the category of Testimony in the intersection of Christology, Ecclesiology and Ethics; he is also interested in the limits and potentialities of theological language and the intersection of dogma and paradoxe.