Félix de Carvalho, Joaquim

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Research line: The Performativities and Aesthetics of Religion (PAR)

Joaquim Félix de Carvalho is presbyter of the Archdiocese of Braga. Professor of the Faculty of Theology - Braga, is a member of the Board of the same, Vice-Rector of the Conciliar Seminary of Braga and Member of the Cathedral Canonicate. He received his doctorate in Liturgy, at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Saint Anselm, with a thesis on Pontifical de Luxo Brácaro-romano (Ms. 870 of ADB). He has studied and edited handwritten and printed sources of the Bracarian rite and other liturgical families. In addition to translations (The Gift of Tears, Brilliant Flower by Hildegard von Bingen, The Thief and the Cherub, Eastern Christian Liturgical Drama in Syriac and Neo-Aramaic), has deepened themes of architecture and art at the service of the liturgy, and collaborated in Edification of liturgical spaces.