Women, Common Home and Human Rights

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 13:16

The Members of the Workgroup «Ecofeminism and Ecoculture», as part of the CITER project «Common Home and new ways of inhabiting interculturally: public theology and ecology of culture in times of COVID-19», have participated as invited professors in a course promoted in partnership with the Graduate Program in Human Rights and Public Policies, from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUC PR). The course had the title: TOPICS IN HUMAN RIGHTS: Women, Common Home and Human Rights, exploring the links between these three areas as a critical hermeneutic field in the face of the environmental crisis that generates the impoverishment of the Earth and women. The proposal is to reflect on the deconstruction and reconstruction of patriarchal symbols that legitimize both the destruction of nature, the oppression and gender violence that affect men and women in today's societies. Therefore, the Common Home expresses the link between all beings, the network of interdependence of everything with the whole, thus constituting an ecological web. The course was organized by researchers from UCP and PUC PR, namely Maria Cecilia Amorim Pilla, Jaci Candiotto and Alex Villas Boas. The invited professores were Luísa Almendra (CITER UCP), Teresa Bartolomei (CITER UCP), Maria Clara Bingemer (PUC Rio), Maria Fernanda Henriques (Universidade de Évora), Maria Luísa Ribeiro Resende (Universidade de Lisboa), Amélia Rossi (PUC PR). The work themes were: 1) Woman and women; 2) History and Gender; 3) Women's Human Rights; 4) Nature rights as a prerequisite for Human Rights; 5) Ecofeminism and Earth rights; 6) The ecological crisis and socio-environmental exclusion; 7) Structural causes of the environmental crisis; 8) Feminine symbolism through times and cultures; 9) The link between the destruction of nature and the oppression of women (Woman is nature, man is culture); 10) Laudato Si 'and integral ecology; 11) Women at the forefront of climate change; 12) Gender Equality and Common Home. This working group continues the CITER project, Women and Religion, which in addition to this discipline, promoted in January 2019, an International Symposium, which will result in a publication in the first half of 2021, with the title «Hermeneutics of the feminine».