Theotopies - Meeting places between theologies and literature

Monday, May 31, 2021 - 11:05

The dossier dedicated to the theme of Teotopias, the result of the 1st International Colloquium TEOTOPIAS, organized by the Poetry and Transcendence Chair Sophia de Mello Breyner (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto) in partnership with the Faculty of Theology and the National Secretariat for the Pastoral Care of Culture, has just been published in the latest edition of Teoliterária - Revista de Literaturas e Teologia.

The dossier organized by CITER researchers, José Rui Teixeira, José Pedro Angélico and Alex Villas Boas, collects some seminal reflections from the event that has been deepened for the present issue of Theoliterary. In it we will find fundamentally three thematic axes, sometimes intertwined:

  • [1] poetic language and theological language: continuities and discontinuities;
  • [2] poetic language and mystical language: inter [con] textualities;
  • [3] poetic and sacred language: aesthetic-phenomenological approaches. Foundational for the perception and expression of the mystery, poetic language is the place of a paradoxical articulation, adding nothing to the descriptive representation of the world.

Finding theological positivism in crisis, a paradigm that has always yielded too much to the obsession with truth, there has been a growing interest in the theological study of literary productions as places of redemption of referential language, typical of the traditional discourse of theology. In its almost liturgical performativity, poetic language brings the object of theological discourse closer to its truly referential axis: the transluminous darkness of Silence (Pseudo-Dionysus).

This place from which we look at reality is tributary from a theotopic conception, as it is the result of a commitment to find and consolidate what unites us, in a long itinerary marked by Babylonian situations on the march to a poetic desire for Pentecost.

Teoliterária is an open access journal, indexed in Web of Science and the dossier can be seen here.