Religion and Pop Culture

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 10:59

The last issue of REVER (Web os Science | Qualis A2) has the theme «Religion and Pop Culture» and belongs to a series of studies that have been deploying this problem in numerous subjects of study over the last decades. Coordinated by Cátia Tuna (CITER´s Researcher Collaborator and CEHR Full member) and Rui Fernandes (Faculty of Theology, Universidade Católica Portuguesa| Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Libanon), this number 3 of volume 20 of REVER addresses pop culture as a new global worldview that provides narratives and meta-imagery that frame or produce collective identities and that particularly surrounds youth reformulating them, enhancing or standardizing them. The 11 articles that make up the Thematic Section are part of this broad thematic spectrum, investigating various musical genres (from rap to gospel music ...), literary works (such as The chronicles of Narnia) or movies (such as Parasita and O Poço). They focus on the cases of specific experiences, traditions or specific religious communities from different territories (from Lisbon, Campinas and the United States of America), focus on hermeneutical assumptions or assume a more precise scope of analysis (such as the History domain or gender issues).

REVER is an open access journal, and the article can be accessed here.