Presentation of the two volumes of the book “Persistência da obra”

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 13:42

The book, organized by Tomás Maia, will be presented next January 15th at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and online at

The presentation of the first volume (Art and Politics) will be done by Rodrigo Silva (Professor at ESAD -Caldas da Rainha), followed by the presentation of the second volume (Art and Religion) by João Sarmento (Jesuit priest, responsible for the Brotéria Gallery) and, subject to confirmation, by Maria João Mayer Branco (Professor at FCSH at New University of Lisbon)

The work proposes to think about the modern question of art: what remains of the work after its separation from politics and religion.

The Persistência project maintained the original group of authors (Boyan Manchev, Jean-Luc Nancy, Federico Ferrari and Tomás Maia), having welcomed for the first volume Silvina Rodrigues Lopes and Isabel Sabino, and for the second volume Alfredo Teixeira and Paulo Pires do Vale (within the scope of the partnership with CITER of Universidade Católica Portuguesa). The two volumes, entirely bilingual (Portuguese/French), are published by Documenta (both supported by CIEBA and the second supported by UCP-CITER).

In addition to the two keynote speakers, the session will feature brief presentations by some of the authors (live or recorded: Boyan Manchev, Federico Ferrari, Jean-Luc Nancy), as well as representatives from the two research centers, CITER and CIEBA, respectively. Professor Luísa Almendra and Professor João Paulo Queiroz. The session will be moderated by Catarina Reis, PhD student in Fine Arts.

Due to restrictions on access to the venue, anyone wishing to attend the session in person is requested to communicate it until January 14 to the e-mail address:

Invitation to the Presentation of the two volumes of the book “Persistence of the work”