Online Colloquium: Researchers Network «Religion in Multiple Modernities» (ReliMM)

Monday, January 11, 2021 - 11:22

The recent trajectories on Religious Studies have shown the risks taken when the enquiry into the religious phenomenon is reduced to a single narrative and the theories of religion lose their sensitivity to the "religious in the making". Today, Religion, as a scientific object, demands a multiscopic vision that allows both crossing different scales and overcoming the tendencies towards its isolation or marginalization in the scientific community. In this context, the network of researchers Religion in Multiple Modernities (ReliMM) will promote its regular colloquium, supporting the meeting between the most recent research trajectories, which will be presented and discussed therein.

In the context of the public health crisis we are facing, this years’ ReliMM session will take place online, via  Zoom-Colibri . All necessary information will be sent to researchers and other interested parties who register. Streaming links to the speakers' communications, invited by the Research Units associated in this network, will be provided to all registered participants.


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