Common Home and new ways of living interculturally

Monday, November 23, 2020 - 13:49

CITER started the project «Common home and new ways of living interculturally»: Public theology and ecology of culture in pandemic times. Common Home is a shared concept between the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Encyclical Letter Laudato si’ (Ls) about the care of the Common Home, published months earlier. The new scenario of COVID19 and humanitarian crisis demands even more the adoption of a public agenda for a collective political and social effort that overcomes the cultural contradictions of economic determinism and calls for shared responsibility, supported by a culture of solidarity. In the words of Pope Francis, this moment reveals a humanity thinking that it would be possible to always be healthy in a world that is sick. At times like these, religions have a great potential for empathy and social cooperation with public agendas. The aim of the project is to offer public theological hermeneutics that incorporates the 2030 Agenda into religious culture, based on the notion shared with the Ls of Common Home. The project has three phases: 1) Common Home´s Epistemology (2020-2021); 2) Common Home´s Languages (2021-2022) and 3) Common Home´s Practices (2022-2023). Among the 10 research tasks planned, two of them started with two weekly Seminars, namely: Common Home´s Epistemology and Laudato si 'Critical Analysis. The project also has more than 12 Research Centres partnering from Portugal, researchers from different countries and 14 areas of knowledge.

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CITER - Projet Common Home