CITER’s researcher joined the International Summer School (Ku Leuven), on Biblical Hebrew poetry (the Song of Songs and its reception in Judaism)

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 11:26

Luisa Maria Almendra, full researcher of CITER, joined the International Summer School on Biblical Hebrew Poetry, on The Song of Songs and its Reception in Judaism, upheld by KU Leuven (Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, 7-11 September 2020).

This online Summer School provided all the participants with a thorough Christian investigation of the Song of Song's poetry and its reception in Judaism, from the Rabbinic period to the Middle Ages. International experts in the field offered lectures and workshops on the following contents: the Song's poetry against the background of Biblical Hebrew Poetry; sound play, parallelism, metaphor, and metonymy; poetic construction of gender; the Song's erotic and mystical language; poetic pace and structure, coherence and cohesion; poetic construction of space; triggering emotions through poetry; rabbinic interpretation: Shir ha-Shirim Rabbah; the Song in the early synagogue and in piyyut; Targum to the Song of Songs; medieval Jewish exegesis: from Rashi to Maimonides; the Song in medieval Hebrew poetry between East and West.

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Das Hohelied Salomos - Nr. 11 (Egon Tschirch, 1923)