Book organized by CITER researcher - “A edificação do tecido eclesial. Formação de Agentes”

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 13:49

This work, organized by CITER researcher Luís M. Figueiredo Rodrigues, starts from the theological principle that, insofar as it mediates the Kingdom of God, the Church has a universal mission. However, it takes on specific contours, according to the human context in which it is called to carry out its mission. From here, it becomes aware that the scope of "training of agents" gains special prominence in the apprehension and understanding that one may have of a certain ecclesial implementation: on the one hand it is a reflection of what the ecclesial community hopes to become, on the other hand, it is a reflection of what this community already is. Formation thus stands out as a special field of observation of practices to know and understand ecclesial life, especially the discernment of the “signs of the times” which, at each moment, makes it possible to give answers. If to that data we add that Practical Theology is responsible for critical reflection on the self-building of the Church, knowing the formative practices presents itself as a privileged place for reading the reality itself.
The members who integrated this project are researchers working at the university, but also other researchers who work outside academia. This project also played a role in bringing together resources dispersed throughout the territory and in promoting a deeper reflection on ecclesial practices.
We sought to achieve the following objectives: Know and understand trends in agent training; Proceed to an enriching approximation between the academy and the ecclesial fabric; Boost the investigation of researchers who are not professionally inserted in the academic world, enriching it.

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