Book authored by CITER researcher - "Ecologia Poética no Labirinto da Liturgia"

Monday, March 27, 2023 - 18:06

Joaquim Félix de Carvalho, researcher at CITER and professor at the Faculty of Theology at the Catholic University of Portugal, has published the book "Ecologia Poética no Labirinto da Liturgia"

This essay on liturgical theology proposes a poetic-spatial journey through the liturgy, using poets such as Cinatti, Belo, Pessoa, Sophia and, in the field of installation, Viola, Kapoor and the Cathedral of Chartres. A beautiful path for the integral ecology of the liturgy in labyrinthine poetics.

The introduction is by Teresa Bartolomei, integrated CITER researcher.

2023-03-27 Press - Ecologia Poética no Labirinto da Liturgia

The work is part of the Argumento collection, by UCP Editora.
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