In addition to the two research lines, CITER has developed the Portal «Society & Religion», which was built up on previous work carried out by some CITER researchers. The Portal meets the growing need to produce and update measurable information on the composition of religious identities in Portugal. Since there is much public discussion of religious issues, concrete data are contributing to a better understanding of how secular or how religious Portuguese society really is. Main objective is to enable access to religious data for researchers of all backgrounds, and to permit the incorporation of this knowledge into the various public decision processes. The Portal is developed by full members and collaborators with training in social sciences and has already received external funding. The Portal's researchers are also integrated into the research lines and thus guarantee close coordination between the production of quantitative data and the preparation of qualitative interpretations.


Project Religion in Public Space: Believing witout Belonging - a growing tendency in Lisbon (12/2018)
CITER - Portal "Society & Religion" - Projeto FFMS

A study recently conducted by CITER (coord. by Alfredo Teixeira) shows that in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area the majority of people are still calling themselves Catholics. However, the habits are changing. In the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, there are more and more believers without professing any certain religion, which corroborates the well-known thesis of «believing without belonging». The majority of the population assumes to be Catholic, but not everyone attends the places of worship regularly. Other results of the study «Religion in Public Space» show that people are tending to manage moments of prayer according to the routines of their lives.
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Latest publication of the PEW Research Center: Being Christian in Western Europe (05/2018)

«The majority of Europe's Christians are non-practicicing, but they differ from religiously unaffiliated people in their views on God, attitudes toward Muslims and immigrants, and opinions about religion's role in society.»

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Lecture of David Voas in Lisbon: Portuguese religion in European perspective: Evidence from very recent surveys (06/2018)

«Portugal is among the most religious countries on the continent, but there are early signs of decline» said DAVID VOAS (University College London) in his keynote, hold at the 2018 annual colloqium of the research network «A RELIGIÃO NAS MÚLTIPLAS MODERNIDADES»

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CITER - Portal "Society & Religion" - keynote David Voas