Research line: Theology, Values and Social Dynamics (TVSD)
CITER - Research lines - Ecology

The research project - Religion, Ecology and Citizenship (REC) - has been constituted to ponder over the ecological issue and the global imperatively urgent ecological startle. The project starts from the understanding of the ecological issue as a Kairos - an opportune moment - for the planet Earth, Modernity, religions in general, and specifically for the Christian religion, for all parties reassess, taking into account the crucial problems of ecological issues. In this perspective, religions and modernity are requested to work in order to bring to light the potential and actual «affinities between religion and ecology that can be 'pivots' in the re-composition of relationships between religion and modernity» (Danièle Hervieu-Léger) and can promote, with their specific knowledge and methods, the development of ecological literacy.



(19.01.2018 | Braga) Open seminar: «1º diálogo 'Terra-a-Terra'» with José Tolentino Mendonça and Isabel Varanda.


(18.10.2017 | Lisbon) Open Seminar: «1º diálogo 'Terra-a-Terra'» with Cerqueira Gonçalves and Carlos Folhais.

1º terra-a-terra