CITER privileges the multi- and interdisciplinary study of the relationship between religion and other cultural spheres in the contemporary society. It promotes the study and hermeneutical analysis of cultural expressions of a religious or theological nature, examines the substrata of religious traditions and analyses the social dynamics relating to religious and cultural communities, institutions and individuals, both today and historically.


CITER has the following specific goals:

  • to promote, coordinate and support lines of research, work groups and research projects in the fields of theology and religious studies;
  • to work towards the publication of research results in and outside Portugal as well as works of scientific interest to CITER, thus making them available to the scientific community and to all those involved and interested in the research;
  • to disseminate its research work to the general public to foster a dynamic dialogue among Portuguese society and academic institutions;
  • to encourage interchanges with other Portuguese institutions and with foreign scientific and cultural institutions that share the same interests, and to work with other research units of the Catholic University of Portugal;
  • to organise and cooperate in the organisation of scientific activities, including congresses, colloquies, symposiums, courses and seminars;
  • to encourage and support the training of young Portuguese and foreign researchers by promoting and developing Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes.