Tutorial - Winter

0.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

This course tries to accommodate to the cycle of advanced studies «Doctoral Course» what is prescribed in the Regulation of the Faculty of Theology about «Tutorship» (see art. 20 a). Thus it aims: i. To accompany students in their study options - in the winter semester, especially in identifying a research topic in view of the «Doctoral Course»’s (2nd Canonic Grade) final dissertation; ii. To accompany students in building their own academic path; iii. To accompany students in the development of research capacities, in the proper use of scientific methodology and of various research tools.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutor em Teologia Dogmática pela Università Gregoriana (Roma) com a tese: L'esperienza della Trinità e la Trinità nell'esperienza. Modelli di una loro…