Theology, Culture and Society

6 ECTS / semestral / Português

1.    To understand the history of contemporary theology as a long and ongoing process, regarding the retrieval of the rich diversity of the loci theologici, condition of possibility for its feasibility and relevance;
2.    To aknowledge the importance of extra and intra-theological transdisciplinarity for its epistemological location, with open borders that can enable a free circulation of ideas;
3.    To identify the sociocultural breadth of the expressions of faith, and consequently understand the absolute need of the promotion of theological pluralism;
4.    To know the pretext, contexts and texts of contemporary theological reflection on the relations between Christianity and Culture, and their mutual permeability;
5.    To carry out a reflection on the relation theology-society-culture within the context of the wide diversity of culture expression of Lusophony (literarature, philosophy, arts and interart studies).



Professor Auxiliar
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