Thematic Seminar in Practical Theology: An approach to the sociological category “no religion”

6 ECTs / Semester / Português

In 2016, the National Geographic magazine published an article entitled “The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion”, confirming a trend that has been observed since the 1970s, and which has taken increasing proportions. The article deals with the numerical growth of people - especially in Europe and North America - declaring themselves to be people “without religion” (or “non-religion”). In Portugal, “non-religion” people already represent the second largest group of the total population. However, the assertion of “non-religion” is sociologically ambiguous, and the title of the article already reflects this ambiguity. A closer look at the “non-religion” people reveals that this category encompasses a wide range of different positions. Thus, the declaration “without religion” does not necessarily mean "non-religious" or living without a certain transcendent horizon. This seminar provides a sociological approach to the category of people “without religion”, identifying in more detail the heterogeneity of this phenomenon. 


Doutor em Filosofia, Estudos da Religião, pela Universität Tübingen e Mestre em Estudos de Religião, Filosofia e Filologia Portuguesa pela Freie…