Thematic Seminar IV: Theresa of Lisieux, Christological Spiritual Itinerary and Contemporary Impact

4.5 ECTS / Semester / Português

1. To know the biography of Therese of Lisieux and the historical, sociocultural and theological context of her time

2. Identify the stages of her spiritual journey and capture its transformative meaning

3. List and discuss the fundamental theological notions and original intuitions of her spirituality

4. Carry out a Christological and Eucharistic hermeneutics of Therese of Lisieux's Christian journey

5. Establish a dialogue between the content of Therese’s Christological experience and contemporary culture: current meaning and impact



Professor Auxiliar
Professora auxiliar da Faculdade de Teologia da UCP. Doutorada em Teologia Espiritual pela Facultad de Teología de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid…