Thematic Seminar III: Religion and urban cultures - the practice of believing

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

1. Deepen authors and key texts within the curricular unit

2. Raise awareness through the historical analysis of the importance of the city as a laboratory for ecclesial challenges in the development of christianity

3. To enable through the anthropologic analysis for the interpretation of urban social logics and of the position of identities and of religious belonging therein

4. Improve the mobilization of theoretical assumptions in the analysis of aesthetics and social problems of everyday urban life

5. Explore the potentialities of practical theology applied to the expressive cultures of the city expanding the knowledge to diverse religious universes

6. Provide an approximate experience of observation and interview methods and train bibliographic research

7. Complexify the perception of the behaviour of religious institutions and the phenomena of believing in urban context (specially in Lisbon Metropolitan Area)


Professor Auxiliar Convidado
É doutorada em História (especialidade de História e Cultura das Religiões) pela Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (2020) e é mestre em Teologia…