Specific Didactics in Catholic Moral and Religious Education

7 ECTs / Semester / Português

1. To present various perspectives from which can be worked on and developed the specific teaching of the discipline of Catholic Religious and Moral Education;

2. Framing the debate on the subject in the broader context of reflection on the religious dimension of the human being and its importance to the educational processes and dynamics;

3. To propose a reflection on the identity of the Religious School Education in general and the EMRC in particular;

4. Reflect on the role of the discipline in the educational system;

5. Present the methodology, the program and the objectives of EMRC;

6. Identify the complementarity and the distinction between EMRC and other ecclesial educational settings;

7. Reflect on the teacher's profile and the skills that are necessary to develop;

8. Identify the various challenges that arise today to the discipline.


Assistente Convidado
Mestre em Teologia Sistemática e Licenciado pela Faculdade de Teologia da UCP. Tem a profissionalização em Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica obtida na mesma…