Seminar of Methods in Practical Theology

4.5 ECTS / Semester / Português

Knowledge, comprehension: Describe Practical theology as a theological discipline; recognize different hermeneutical perspectives; Identify concepts and methods; Understand the relationships between theory and practice; Interpret results of research projects.

Collecting, analysing and synthesizing: Use electronic, print and human resources to advance a research project; Locate, select and appropriately present their research work; Skilfully select research methods relevant to their field of study; Draw on a range of appropriate applications for the purposes of research; Cooperate with individuals and groups.

Evaluation and application: Become familiar with critical evaluation of a text; Develop, implement and evaluate solutions to problems; Debate, describe, discuss and explain issues in written and oral forms; Plan, prepare and present a range of tasks; Convert good research method into clear and persuasive writing being cognitive of correct style and presentation.


Professor Associado
Doutor em Antropologia (especialização em Antropologia Política) pelo Instituto de Ciências do Trabalho e Empresa - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Mestre em…