Religious Heritage and Transmission of Culture

7 ECTS / Semester / Português

Knowledge, comprehension: Interpreting the cultural theories; Recognize different paradigms in the heritage sciences; Describing religion as cultural heritage; Understanding the functional relationships between religion, culture, society, and the individual; Identify the different argumentative frameworks in contemporary debates concerning religion and public education. Application: Describe the social detraditionalization; Identify the social processes of identity construction; Characterize the cultural transmission process in contemporary societies; Identify the specific problems of educational institutions concerning the cultural transmission process. Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation: Appreciate the role of human agency in religious and social change; Analyse social data; Read, interpret and present specialized texts; Interpreting visual documents; Describe and delineate the current role of the religious transmission within the education system.


Professor Associado
Doutor em Antropologia (especialização em Antropologia Política) pelo Instituto de Ciências do Trabalho e Empresa - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Mestre em…