Reading Texts of Philosophy I

5 ECTS / Semester / Português

1. The main objective is to provide full and accompanied reading of a fundamental text of the classical antiquity philosophy: Plato's Republic [may be different in each course edition].

2. Concomitantly with reading, a rigorous and well-founded analysis of the text will be implemented, highlighting the centrality of the theme of Justice. This exercise should prepare the student to be able to:

3. Identify, methodologically and scientifically, the intricacies of the thought exposed in the 10 books that make up the full text, in their respective context.

4. Reflect and understand the interconnection of different themes, recreating the sense of unity underlying the text.

5. Interpret the themes, in a critical and problematizing way, discovering the main incidents today.

6. Exercise the skills of oral and written dialectical argumentation.

7. Implement the spirit of work, a creative climate and attitudes of mutual help throughout the teaching-learning process.


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