Personal Moral Theology

4 ECTS / Semester / Português

To indicate the current human and theological problematics concerning the ethical issues of sexuality, marriage and human life and the concepts with which they are expressed.
To indicate the sources of theological knowledge within the scope of personal moral theology: Holy Scripture, Tradition, Church teaching, theological reflection, experience of human and Christian life and its dialectics.
To indicate the official doctrine of the Church, its relevance and foundation, and the debates it raises within and outside the Ecclesial community.
To indicate authors and currents of theological, philosophical and scientific thought, that are relevant in the scope of the subjects in question.
To indicate points of proximity and distance between the proposals of theology and those of the human sciences, as well as the need for interaction.
To indicate concrete situations of human and Christian life in which prudential discernment is needed.
To provide the students with conceptual tools that allow them to get into the theological, cultural, ethical and pastoral debate.



Professor Auxiliar Convidado
Doutor em Teologia Moral pela Accademia Alfonsiana - Istituto Superiore di Teologia Morale, Itália. Tem especialização (pós-licenciatura) em Pastoral…
Professor Catedrático
Doutor em Teologia Moral. Foi diretor-Adjunto da Faculdade de Teologia, no núcleo do Porto entre 2001 e 2014. É membro do Conselho Científico da…