Personal Moral Theology

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

Present current human and theological issues regarding ethical questions of sexuality, of marriage and of human life and the concepts used to express them; Present the sources of theological knowledge encompassing personal moral theology: biblical readings, tradition, Church scholastics, theological thinking, and experiential living of human and Christian life; Provide authors and theories that over time were mainstream regarding the topics of personal moral theology; Set out the similarities and dissimilarities between the theological proposals and those of the life sciences and the need for convergence; Convey the official doctrine of the Church, its relevance and fundamentals, and the questions it raises; Exemplify with concrete experiences from human and Christian life where discerning is critical; Provide students with conceptual tools to participate in theological, ethical and pastoral debates.


Assistente Convidado
Em doutoramento na especialização em Teologia Moral Accademia Alfonsiana - Istituto Superiore di Teologia Morale, Itália. Tem especialização (pós-licenciatura…