Old Testament II

5 ECTS / Semester / Português

The Curricular Unity aims to provide students with an insight into the biblical literary field that integrates the binomial History-Prophecy, placing it in the social, political and historical context of the people of Israel. This learning also extends to the literary field of the Wisdom and Prayer (Psalms) of Israel.  

An attempt is made to place historical literature (Deuteronomistic History) within the framework of prophetic texts, enabling students to understand how revelation takes place in a dialogue between history and the Word. The dynamism of prophecy in Israel is presented as an important key to understanding the different forms of revelation. The path of Israel's wisdom and prayer is presented as an indispensable component in the dialogical dynamics of revelation.


Professor Associado
Doutora em Teologia Bíblica pela UCP na área dos Escritos Sapienciais, com uma especialização focalizada no Livro de Job (Um Debate sobre o conhecimento de…