History of the Early Church

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

1. Enable a global view, geographical and temporally situated, of the origins of Christianity from the 1st to the 5th century
2. Provide a critical approach to the social world of the early christians in the mutant relationship with political power
3. To problematize the christianity as a producer of thought and culture in its historical-theological, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic valences
4. Provide a contextual basis of analysis that allows articulating several curricular units of the study plan (Christology, Patristics, Ecclesiology, Ancient Philosophy…)
5. Develop na attitude of questioning proper to History about christianity of the first centuries
6. To reflect the christian experience as a process in context
7. To awareness of the importance of the sources for the historical reconstruction
8. To familiarize the student with the bibliography and other specialized work tools
9. Give interpretative tools and horizons fot the meeting with the most relevant authors of the period in question
10. To exercise research skills (bibliographic research, reading, conceptual domain…)


Professor Auxiliar
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