History of Contemporary Philosophy

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

This Unit aims to offer students the conceptual tools for an understanding of the main currents of Contemporary Philosophy. Given the variety of trends that have marked the last 120 years, the syllabus reflects a choice between the most representative. Four of them deserve special mention for their impact and for the widespread recognition they still enjoy: phenomenology, logical positivism and analytic philosophy, Marxism, the philosophies of existence. The syllubus shows how each of these trends is characterized by the choice of some thematic nuclei and its own way of making philosophy. Since it is not possible to exhaust the diversity of these approaches, students are expected to acquire the following skills:
1.    An understanding of the historical and philosophical circumstances that governed their emergence.
2.    A critical stance regarding the methodological assumptions that determine their philosophical style.
3.    The ability to analyze their most important texts.
4.    An acquaintance with the fundamental bibliography



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