History of Contemporary Philosophy

4.5 ECTS / Semester / Português
The course aims to convey an overall survey of the main authors and philosophical trends of Contemporary Philosophy; The course thus focuses on the social, political, religious and scientific changes and their effects on Philosophy; Further objectives include highlighting the meaning of the attacks on Philosophy made in the name of Christian life-experience (Kierkegaard), the human reality (Feuerbach), human history (Marx), or the development of science (positivism); Students are expected to grasp the emergence of materialism and scienticism in the 19th century and the anti-metaphysical trends connected with them; Special importance is paid to the essays on overcoming this crisis, in neo-Kantianism and phenomenology; The course also aims to provide a broad understanding of the multiplicity of philosophical trends in the 20th century, the main issues addressed and the relations and divergences between the several philosophical programs.


Professor Auxiliar Convidado
Concluiu o Doutoramento em Filosofia na Universidade de Comillas em 2016. Licenciado na Universidade Católica Portuguesa em Estudos Filosóficos - Humanísticos…