Hermeneutics of Religious Texts (1st semester class)

6 ECTs / Semester / Português

Develop content and investigative competencies in order to improve the student’s ability to consistently work the hermeneutics of religious texts, and therefore collaborate to understand the meaning of the religious phenomenon, in its complexity and plurality, within different cultures and in contemporary society.  As part of a master's degree in Catholic moral and religious education, the course aims to analyze the unfolding of the epistemological model based on the theological hermeneutics task of the religious phenomenon, and their respective forms of the religious texts self-comprehension that focus on forms of subjectivation, mentalities formation, cultural and social practices. Such approach stablishes the inter-cultural and interreligious dialogue as cultural objects promoters of a religious perspective cooperative with the common good, tolerance and culture of encounter.


Alex Villas Boas é natural do Brasil e, atualmente, é membro efetivo e investigador principal do Centro de Investigação em Teologia e Estudos de Religião…