Genius loci and aesthetic expressions of renewal

6 ECTs / semestral / Português

Train for the critical hermeneutics of expressions (cultural and experiential, religious and secular) in the field of practical theology, in the autonomy of scientific objects and in their interdisciplinary relations.
To know grammars of ritual and symbolic expression, contexts and semantics, which take place in the languages of the religious, and of these in the relationship with the public space, qualifying it.
Promote the aesthetic renewal of creations, based on the tradition open to their legitimate progress, in the dialogue between the interlocutors and the artists.
Identify and interpret the emergence of new paradigms, in the context of pastoral and cultural changes, which demand praxis coherence.
Know movements and experiences of renewal of religious arts in the contemporary era.
Responding to challenges in community life and devising strategies to improve the exercise of authority, the sense of participation, resource management, openness (also, politics) with religions and societies.



Professor Auxiliar
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