Fundamental Moral Theology

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

Develop tools to identify ethical questions, analyse these in light of the Christian faith and in an interdisciplinary dialogue from within and beyond theology; Describe several important stages in the history of moral theology with a special focus on the guidelines issued by the Vatican Council II for moral theology and the context of the «Veritatis Splendor» Encyclical; Refer to the Holy Scriptures in moral theology, especially the industriousness of the new life in Christ, in the Church; Introduce students to the fundamental concepts in theological ethics; students are asked to deploy these concepts in proposing solutions to ethical questions.

1. Moral virtues;

2. Moral conscience;

3. Moral law;

4. Prudential discernment and moral judgments;

5. The fundamental option, sin and conversion.


Professor Associado
Doutor em Teologia Moral pela Accademia Alfonsiana - Pontifícia Universidade Lateranense onde fez também o segundo grau canónico em Teologia Moral. Licenciado em…