The expansion of justice in the Holy Scriptures

7 ECTS / semestral / Português

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
1 Acquisition of fundamental knowledge on the biblical theme of justice
2 Distinguish the temporal conception from the spatial or local conception of justice
3 Distinguish the biblical conception from the legal and forensic conception of justice
4 Knowing the various theories on the social contract and on justice since antiquity
5 Research and interpret the acquired data making a critical synthesis of the various theories of justice from the perspective of supererogation
6 Develop the existential exegesis of the book of Genesis
7 Apply the data offered and investigated in a new rereading of the texts of the Genesis
8 In-depth knowledge of the encyclical Laudato Sí
9 Assess the reception of Laudato Sí
10 To be part of Citer's research line submitted to FCT on the contribution of the encyclical Laudato Sí for the construction of the common house.
11 Determine the scope of inter-generational justice for the construction of the common home.



Professor Auxiliar
Doutor em Teologia Bíblica pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa  com a tese: Experiência e Resistência em tempos de desencanto - estudo bíblico-teológico da…