Curriculum, Planning and Evaluation

8 ECTS / Semester / Português

1.    Clarify concepts and constructions of School, Education, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Didactics
2.    Understand the conceptual elements of the curriculum: concepts, theories and foundations
3.    Recognize the School as a place of integral Education for the Person, namely in the ethical, moral and religious-cultural aspects;
4.    Determine the relevance of Catholic Moral and Religious Education (EMRC) in School Curriculum, based on its nature and purpose
5.    Discriminate the planning structure, levels and models
6.    Exercise planning techniques and methodologies for a teaching program in EMRC
7.    Understand what pedagogical assessment is, in its diagnostic, formative and summative aspects
8.    Exercise the construction and application of evaluation criteria and instruments in EMRC
9.    Integrate forms of pedagogical articulation between curriculum, planning and assessment in teaching practice



Assistente Convidado
Doutor em Teologia, área de Teologia Sistemática e Titular do 2º Grau canónico em Teologia Sistemática, pela Faculdade de Teologia da Universidade Católica…