The body as a theological theme. Perspectives from contemporary systematic theology

7 ECTS / Semester / Português

1. To verify how the incarnation structures the relationship between anthropology and Christology and makes the body a theological theme;

2. Analyze the contribution of thinkers who, in the history of Christianity, deepened the corporeal dimension in a unitary perspective.

3. Study the specific contribution of contemporary theologians who have reflected on the bodily condition of the person, in its Christological, Trinitarian, ecclesiological, sacramental and anthropological implications;

4. Check the fruitfulness of the complementarity between philosophy and theology based on recent contributions from French philosophy, having as a point of intersection a phenomenology of the body;

5. Interpret the narratives of the spiritual experience, saying the body marked/altered by the Spirit, through the hermeneutics presented by Michel de Certeau;

6. Develop critical thinking and mutual help through collaborative work and the confrontation of different theological perspectives in the field of the anthropology of corporeality.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutor em Teologia, na área da antropologia teológica, pela Pontifícia Universidade Gregoriana, Roma, com a tese A condição corpórea da pessoa. Estudo sobre a…