Biblical Propedeutics

4 ECTS / Semester / Português

- Promote a broad approach to Sacred Scripture from four pillars: inspiration, canon, biblical text and hermeneutics

- Prepare the student with theological criteria and hermeneutic methods to face the difficulties of reading the Bible.

- Offer tools in order to interpret adequately the biblical text.

- Give skills in the practice of biblical exegesis and criticism, diachronic and synchronic, paying special attention to the document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission: The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church.

- Teach reading a biblical text in its historical, geographic, cultural, social, literary and religious context and how to deal with the sources of investigation in the field of biblical exegesis.

- Contact with the main sources of translations of the biblical text, as well as the main documents of the Church on the Word of God and Scripture.


Assistente Convidado
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