The Biblical narratives of “Creation": Jewish and Christian re-reading

7 ECTS / Semester / Português

. To acquire a brief knowledge of the methods of reading/interpreting a biblical text in Judaism and Christianity and to know the different materials available for this specific study.

. Apply this knowledge to the biblical creation narratives (Gen 1-3), distinguishing the Jewish interpretation from the Christian interpretation, in its difference and complementarity.

. To integrate this knowledge in the recent movement of a joint Bible study, which aims at an approach and a dialogue that, while affirming the relevance of each tradition, establishes fields of debate, clarification and deepening.  


Professor Associado
Doutora em Teologia Bíblica pela UCP na área dos Escritos Sapienciais, com uma especialização focalizada no Livro de Job (Um Debate sobre o conhecimento de…