Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

5 ECTS / Semester / Português

 1. The Curricular Unit of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy aims to introduce ancient and medieval philosophical thought, exposing its systems, as well as its reformulation, in the period of the reunion between Hellenism and Christianity and in the thought of the late-antico and medieval period.

 2. To this end, the program is oriented towards 2 distinct stages: I. Emergence of Greek philosophical speculation pointing to 4 moments: cosmological speculation: Pre-Socratic; anthropological speculation: Socrates and Plato; 4. The ontognosiological and metaphysical speculation: Aristotle. II. Synthesis of Currents and relationship between Helenism and Christianity and philosophical resurgence: nature of God, time and eternity; soul-body relationship and happiness. Expose these themes in selected authors of medieval speculation.

3. Take a question about the meaning of the old and medieval questioning and understand them in their theoretical-practical specificity.



Professor Associado
Doutora em Philosophie et Lettres pela Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, no Institut Supérieur de Philosophie na Bélgica. Leciona na área…